Monday, 24 February 2014

9 Steps for Self Improvement...

1. If it feels wrong, don’t do it-
If you want to do some work and your heart says or indicate that its wrong, or you feel that it’s wrong than don’t do that work.

2. Say exactly what you mean-
Some people are not very clear with their thoughts and what they are saying. So you must take care or your words that what you want to convey to the other person.

3. Don’t be a people pleaser-
I personally know some people who always please their boss or power person to get close relation with them. It’s not bad to have pleasing personality, but it should be according to correct time and situation not always.

4. Trust your instincts-
If you want to do something and your instincts say that you can do it than go ahead and do it.

5. Never speak badly about yourself-
This is the most common habit of almost all the people, sometimes even I speak badly about myself, but the truth is we don’t have to speak bad about our self, it will create an unconscious in our mind and we will do what we are thinking about our self.

6. Never give up on your dreams-
I was a poor student in my schooling, and I always want to be at least an average, if not good a student. I tried hard, and now I can say that I have a good understanding about myself which shows that we can improve our self if we have trust in our dreams.

7. Don’t be afraid to say no-
According to me this is the point which is useful in every field or our life, from personal to professional work. If you learn to say no in some situation, than it’s good for you. Suppose you have to submit your monthly report to your manager and if your team leader says that please help me or do my work also, than in this condition you must say no if you don’t have time.

8. Be kind to yourself-
Always try to be kind for yourself. It’s only you who knows that what you are doing and how you are doing. So be positive and polite with yourself and you will see that your productivity is increasing day by day.

9. Let go of what you can’t control-
Sometimes what happen, we know that because of “me” we have lost something or we have lost something, but the real situation was in not your control. So in that condition don’t think much about that and don’t bring negativity in your mind. Forget whatever happens because there are some things which are not in our control.

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