Friday, 27 February 2015

15 Painful things for Lovers...

I am not a love expert, but I found some common things in people which I feel is a pain for lovers

1. Always having fight and later on realizing it was your fault.
2. Your lover will always screw you but then also you seem to give then another chance.
3. Realizing that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.
4. Bringing back the feeling which you have hardly learned to forget.
5. Always remembering the good time with loved once.
6. Wishing that this time you will not get screwed.
7. Always trying to hide what you really feel.
8. Pure love with someone who loves another person.
9. Having a serious commitment with someone you know would not last.
10. Shielding you heart to love someone.
11. Loving a person too much.
12. Right love at the wrong time.
13. Taking risk to fall in love again.
14. Later on accepting that it was never meant to be.
15. Moving on with life after breaking the relation.

If you are same with the given factors then believe me, you are in pain, and I will suggest you to let it go and enjoy the god gifted life with happiness and smile… :)

Friday, 13 February 2015

Smile: Can Make You Happy as well as Healthy...

I have written so many post related to happiness, healthy lifestyle and most important about smile. Now today I have something new about smile.

We all know that smile makes you easy to forget your bad memories. It’s also a good solution for creating repo in front of other people. Recently I got some interesting and positive fact about smile from various articles and researches done by doctors. According to them, smile can help people to get happiness as well as it’s also responsible for a healthy life.

Researcher says that if you laugh 10-15 minutes daily, you can really burn 30-40 calorie each day. So if you are losing your calories without any exercise, then it’s good for all those people who want to lose their calories.

This is related to health, now coming to our happiness. There is a quote which seems very true if we apply it to our daily life. It says that if life gives you hundreds reasons to cry, than show to life that you have thousand reasons for the smile. We all know that if you in a situation when you can’t find the right word to say then just smile, because words have the potential to confuse but not the smile.

So be happy and try to lose your calories and weakness with just a cute and open smile ... :)