Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Irony of Our Life is...

Sometime I always think about my past when I was a child, and we had only 15-20 friends who are very near to me. If we want to play a game or bunk the class, we always stay together even when we were getting punishment. Those are the days which force me now to connect with my friends once again with the help of current social media.
I am very much active in media, and I have so many friends who love me a lot. This time I have one post which is forwarded by one of my friend who believes that there is something different in life. He believes that what we really think is not the truth. I will not change his words and show you his though process towards the life.
According to him "The Irony of Our Life is….."
We always think that the wedding halls are those places where we can see more love, affection and kisses. But the reality is Airports have seen more Affectionate Kisses than Wedding Halls..
We always think that, our temples or any of our religious places have heard more sincere prayer than any other place. But unfortunately it’s wrong. The Walls of Hospitals have heard more Sincere Prayers
than the Walls of Temples, Masjid and churches..
Good Days or Bad Days Depend on your Thinking. What u Call “Suffocation” in Local Train Becomes an “Atmosphere” in Disco. Pizza….always confuses us, it comes in a square box. When you open it, it’s round. When you start eating it, it’s triangle!
Life & People are also like Pizza, look different.. Appear different & behave absolutely different. This is the only Irony of Our Life...

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