Friday, 19 February 2016

Advertising is only as annoying as you want it to be!!

I recently got a series of some interesting questions, and I thought to share with you all. Maybe I can get some better answers from you all.
Now the question was, "Advertising is only as annoying as you want it to be" and I feel that it's very true in the case of online advertising.
It provide a lot crisper, shorter and targeted news, info, and offers to the end user with a proper result.

Let’s take an example- Mr. A, who recently got married and now he is planning to go for a short honeymoon trip.

In his free time, he tried to search about the destination, location, hotels to stay, and various other options of transport.

Now, as many portals he visits, he will get a rough knowledge about the transport cost, hotel charges, about the location and other stuff related to his need. Like every other individual, he also needs to enjoy as much as possible with the limited cost or saving which he have for his trip.

After browsing, he will decide some options but during all these process the extremely important things he can notice is “Advertisement”. He will get all sorts of discount, trip information, hotel discount, fair discount any many more things specific for him, but he is the one who will decide the importance of ads.

Now you decide it's true or not and I will be happy to see your thoughts on this. :)

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