Friday, 12 December 2014

6 Must-Know Tips to Improve Your Productivity as a Professional...

I am a professional, and I know the important of any given task & as well as about my productivity or my performance. People always say that, there is nothing for free. So if you are productive then only you will get the appreciation and if not, then we all know the end result! 
So coming to today’s post, I have selected the top 6 tips, which can improve your productivity and your performance as a professional worker. I am following the same and now you can see I am back to my blog after 2-3 months. So the productivity tips which I will prefer to call “Mantras” are-

1. Always measure the received task, not the time- 
Whenever we get any task to complete, the first question we asked to our self is how much time it will take?? We always think about the time, but not about the task. According to me, we should always measure the given task and then based on the difficulty or nature of the task we should decide the time to finish the task properly. If you think and work in this way, I am sure you will be more productive compare to your past.

2. Priorities the task (Urgent / Important / daily task etc.)- 
Whenever you have more than one task to complete, then just take a deep breath and try to priorities your task. You can make those tasks under, Urgent, Important and maybe your Daily task. Then based on their priority try to so the task. It will not only help you to make more effective but it can also create a habit of prioritizing your all work, so that you can do them properly.

3. Benchmark the given target- 
Always create a benchmark for your entire task. In other word you can say, you must have a milestone to complete. Based on those benchmark or milestone, you can get an idea about your process and speed of finishing that task.

4. Be focused on the task – 
We are humans, and our mind is full of agility. Whenever we try to focus on something, some or the other thing will absolutely disturb us. So I will suggest that always try to be focused on your task so that you can do your work in a more productive way.

5. Always take a break after the task- 
Now this is one thing which I personally love a lot. I am sure that you will also love to have breaks to refresh your mood, but only after completing your task. Now some will say, I have so many tasks, then how can I go to refresh my mood?
So the answer is simple, just follow these tips, but make sure that you must take breaks between your tasks.

6. Always review the task before submitting it- 
I have got so many friends, who always make a simple mistake and send the task/email/report to their boss. We all know that the mistake is very minimal but boss will boss, he will show you the importance of all the little mistakes. So if you don’t want to listen the importance of little mistakes, then just review your work before submitting it to your higher authority.

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