Monday, 24 November 2014

A New Way to Think About Yourself !!

Day before yesterday, when I was passing through a road near to my house area, I saw two people were shouting and complaining about the dirty road. Both of them were blaming to the people, Government & the politician of that area. Their conversation was so exiting, and it’s all about the great nation and all the other high value things. They were thinking very seriously about the country and discussing that if people do things like this, if people can’t clean their own area and surroundings, then how can our nation will grow??

I was carefully listening to them and they came to a conclusion that “People don’t want a good nation, that’s why they are doing all these things”. After their conclusion I came to my home and thought about it. According to me, they are somewhat correct & we should respect their thoughts.

Now, today an interesting thing happened! I was crossing the same road and I found one person was throwing a garbage bag, that’s also not in the dustbin, but in the open area. I remembered those two guys who were talking about the people and thought they were absolutely right. But when I came near to that person who was throwing the garbage bag, I was shocked!! He was none-other than the same old person, who was telling about the bad habits of all the people.

I smiled, silently grabbed that garbage bag and put into the dustbin. I was walking towards my home thinking about all those people who have time to whine and complain about something, but they don’t do anything.

According to me, if you have time to complain about something, then you have the time to do something about it...
Think about it, you must be the change which you want to see in the world!!

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