Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Time is “Change”

It’s always a happy thing for a graduate student to get a good job, but also a sad thing to leave his/her friends, college, classes and move ahead because of the time and change. Recently some of my friends got their first job and they all ware happy. But the other side they are all sad, because they are not a student any more. According to them, they can’t get the same funny college days in their future, and which is true. But they will get so many chances, where they can create memorable moments for others.
We all have some memorable and special moments in our life, which we don’t want to leave. But the nature of our life is to change. We are always changing according to time and this is one of the biggest things in our life.
There are so many articles written by so many peoples who has done an extreme research on this, and they have also found that the time is change or we can say the change is time. So don’t be like me, enjoy the change and if you are not happy with the change than read this “Ye Waqt Bhi Gujar Jayega” it’s in Hindi. According to me its translation in English is “This time too will pass” which will shows that, nothing is for lifetime. If you are feeling bad for the time than think that, this time will also pass and enjoy your life

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