Monday, 28 April 2014

Children are more intelligent...

In India people says that, children are a part of God. Well I am not going to discuss about the God, but I just want to say that, they are not less than God. They are the only one, who is pure by heart and mind. They don't know what is good and bad things about the world.

Well I think we are going in some different directions, so let's comeback to our real talk. Recently, I came across a situation where a father was doing his office work, and he was very busy with that work. Near to him, his 6-7 year child was playing, and asking his father to play with him.

Father was thinking that how can I make him to do some other work, so that I can do my work properly. He lifted a map, and made 3-4 small peaces of that map. After that he asked to his son that, if he will make the map correctly, than he will take his son, wherever he want.

Son was very excited and said, ok father. After some 3-4 minute later, the son came and said to his father. "Father, I have completed the map, now come with me, we will go to the park". Father thought, probably he has made the wrong correction, so he asked to his son that try once again. But the child showed him that map, and the map was correct. The father was shocked, because he didn't aspect his son will make the correct map. He asked to his son that, how he made that map in very less time. His child answered peacefully that, in the backside of that map, there was a face, so I just arranged the face, and the map is ready.

So the moral of the story is, there are lots of way to solve any problem. The thing is how we want to solve it.

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