Monday, 18 November 2013

Dear Mother...

Dear Mother,
You don't have to fix my situation
or change the people around me,
But please change me according to the situation.
Instead of giving me what I want,
Give me what you feel is best for me.
There is no need to fix my all problems,
because when I am surrounded by them,
Than only I will realize my need for You.
When the pain inside is almost too much,
for me to have, don't take all the pain away
but comfort me in your arms and remind me,
how much you love me.
When people disappoint me, than remind me,
that it's only you that I can truly depend.
When my situation looks dark's 
& seems like no way to out,
help me to focus on the work
 that's taking place inside of me
instead of the reality of my surroundings.
Don't change my situation every time I call,
but use my situation as a tool
 to change the inside of me...

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