Saturday, 3 August 2013

Perfect Vs Best!!!

If I will ask you a question to explain the difference between perfect and best, or to choose which is more attractive than I am sure you will choose the perfect.  The image of this word “perfect” is very deeply involved in our mind. But according to me “Best” is more important and more attractive, because in that we can give our 100%. If we take an example of India “Shastra” than we can find that so many people want to be a perfect king or person, but they are not able to sustain. We can take a great example of “Ravana” he is extremely intelligent and one of the best “Pandit” but because of his aim to be perfect he done all distorted things. I am not telling to be a perfect person is bad, or whoever wants to be a perfect person is not good. But I simply want to say that if you always want to be perfect than you are never being a perfect person, this is the truth of our life. Life always makes changes and because of all those changes you can’t be a perfect person ever. In so many Indian “Vedas” you can find that “Don’t waste your life aiming to be perfect, when you can aim to be the best person you can be as yourself. When we aim for perfectionism, we aim for a distorted view of life, that we will probably obtain physically, but not spiritually or inside of our self. So don’t aim to be a perfect person. If you are perfect than it’s good but if not than try to be the best among all and also within yourself...

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