Friday, 23 August 2013

Age and maturity...

In every human life there is a cycle of the age, if you see the Indian Purana’s than you can understand easily that all the species in the earth always have a cycle for our life. According to our Purana’s first is childhood in which all says that we are immature, second is adult in which all are called grown, and the third is old age in which we are fully experienced and matured. I can understand you are thinking that what I am talking about, so I will not keep you more in suspense.  
We always heard from every 2nd and third person's mouth that you are no more child so behave like a matured person. The point is who is matured??? Is an adult person or old?? In my point of view I can say that nobody is matured if people compare maturity with age. The reason behind this I feel is, most of the people say when we are child we are immature, but what about those old people who behave same like a child?? If we say that they are immature than it’s totally wrong because they are older than us and having more experience than us.  So can we say them immature?

            If somebody ask to me that who is mature person, than I will always say that nobody is mature. Because in my point of view nobody is mature.  People only learn to act like a mature person in front of other people.  We really never grow up, we only learn how to act in public. This is the truths of our life...

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