Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What will you do.??

For a while think that somebody love you so much. His/her love is not physically or mentally but it’s a spiritual love. She/he can do anything to get you. He/she always thinks only about you. And in the other side you don’t know about this. You think like she/he is a good friend who shares everything with you.  One day she/he proposes you. But the bad luck of that human is you refused to love her/him. Then also he/she loves you so much that, when your current lover left you, she/he always cares about you. She/he always with you and always try to make you happy. And one day you realize that she/he is doing everything to make me happy and I am sad because one person left Me.??? I love a lot that person, but she/he left Me.? You know that the other one loves you so much, but then also you are not able to decide what to do. Somewhere I read that “In life, don’t be confused or sad when something good or beautiful leaves you. Just like in the sea, another beautiful wave will always come; you just have to be ready to see it”. But I am not agreeing with this, because I also read that “true love happen only one time”. If this is the case than what is your opinion about this.?? What do you think that you will do, if it happens with you?

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