Saturday, 15 June 2013

Decision & Coin...

Some days back I decided to start another blog. It's very good feeling to me that I will manage and share another blog. But I was not able to decide in which topic I will start my blog. I had a confusion between tow topics, the first was "Social Media Marketing" and another was "Indian Art". I hope so many people faced a situation like this when they have more than two choice and they have to select only one. I love the Indian Art, Paintings, but I also love Social Media Marketing. I have to choose only one because if I will select both than I can't concentrate on all the topics, that's why I decided to manage only two blogs, but the problem is which one.?? Than I did a simple thing, taken a coin, if "Head" than Social Media Marketing and if, "tell" than Indian Art. I can understand what you are thinking but its the best way which I can think. The reason is not because its easy to toss a coin and get any one side, but the reason is when the coin is in the air you got to know what you really want, because your heart is hoping for that. So same thing I done and now I have another blog "Market-You".. See it and give your suggestions. It's the right thing what I had done or wrong.???  

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