Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Step by Step...

Its very famous in all those places,where people want to encourage others. It encourage people to grow up, and  move ahead. We all know that in one day we can't finish everything, we can't learn everything. To do something we need an step by step process. For example we can say, if anybody want to improve his/her skills in communication, than he/she can't improve in one day. We have to practice daily to improve our skills. We also know that starting things are very easy but continuing is very difficult. But this is the only way to achieve, you must have to practice than only it will improve. The best way of doing things is, whatever you want to do, do it in step by step process. Means start with small and improve it by your hard efforts. I am a student so I can give an best example. If I want good marks in exam than I have to reed on daily basis, not just day before the exam. If we read just before the exam then we can't get good marks, and its not possible. But if we practice daily, not more but only one chapter or topic than we can get good marks compare to the previous situation. So whatever you want to achieve in your life, practice daily and go ahead step by step..


  1. very nice and well put together. Only suggestion is, work on your tenses for some words. I know it is difficult, but you will succeed! =)
    Wrong: he want to go home Right: He wants to go home.
    Wrong: yesterday they look at the books Right: yesterday they looked at the books
    Want Wants Wanted
    She wants to go home. He wants to stay here. They want to leave soon. "Do you want to? Yes, I want to!" "The teacher does not want us to talk." "If he wanted to go he should have said so." "They all wanted the same pizza." "The dogs want to run outside." "The children want icecream, but she wants a chocolate bar."

    1. Thanks a lot sir for showing my mistakes. I assure you that I will improve my grammar.
      Once again thanks sir..