Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Don't Complain...

In our earth, almost all the people are not happy with their work, life, situation etc. Always complaining about one or the other things. Sometimes I also do same because its human nature, we can't escape from the negativity only we can try to escape. For me and all the people who are out of their home, who are believe that they are poor, its very hard to control in our thought. But I always suggest to all that don't complain about the food we eat, don't complain about the cloths we wear, because there are some people who don't have food to eat. I saw some people complain about getting old, but they forgot that there are many people who die in young age. Most of the people who are doing their job, always complaining about their job, but they have to think of those people who don't have a job. We all know that its very difficult to control our negative thought but some grate people said that "When sad thought and difficulties seem to put you down, paint a smile on your face and thank GOD you are still around." Our life is a gift so live it well..

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