Monday, 23 June 2014

Work hard for your own future...

This time I have an interesting motivational story for you all, but before the story I want to tell you something. China is famous for the hard way of flourishing their child. Their moms are so called Tiger mom’s around the world. They use very hard ways to grow their child. If you want to know more about it, you can just search in Google and you will get all the information.

So coming back to our topic, in India also so many people feel that, if the child has seen a hard time or a hard way of life, then he became more successful with compare to other child who was grown in a very rich or we can say in a lovely way.

My parents had told me lots of stories of those children who are not rich and they don’t have good facilities, but then also they have succeeded in their life. You can read about so many people who have faced the bad time, and then only they got the success.
Based on this, I got an interesting and motivational story which will indicate the same thing. The story is something like this-

A father was working very hard in his form, and he was continuously telling his son to work hard. After watching this for quite a long time, his friend says, you have very good land, you are getting good return also, and then why are you forcing your son to work more hard? He is already working very hard!

Then the father replied, I am telling my son to work hard, not for the land or the return, but for the future of my son. If he learns to work hard, then always he will get a good return out of it.

So according to me the moral is, you have to work harder and harder to get a bright future.

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