Thursday, 2 January 2014

Attitudes for Life...

Once I have read somewhere that "Our attitude shows that where we are now in the height of success, and where we will go". Everybody has their own point of view towards attitude. Here we have 3 types of attitude for life.
  • “Maintain an attitude of anticipating success!”- Some people with a negative mindset have become masters of anticipating failure. Change the mindset to positive. As most of the time we think that, it is not going to happen, and we anticipate failure of our all hard work. But we must have to think positively.
  • "Maintain a forgiving attitude”. I feel that, I am very lucky who got so many friends who are good as a family. From whom I can learn so many things and will learn so many things. I remember one of my friend who is very very simple, forgiving nature, and I always admire the clam attitude same like my friend. I can say that he was one of my "Guru" who thought me, how to control our self and forgive others. Now he is in very good position and getting success in every steps. That's an live example of a forgiving attitude which I feel that everybody should have.
  • “Maintain a receptive attitude”. Be open to others ideas, opinions, suggestions; do not have mental blockade. Listen first and listen to everyone. Spread love, think twice then make any decision.
It is clear now that a Positive Attitude towards our - job, spouse, friends, colleagues, family members, business, siblings, boss, partner, client, associate, passion, interests, hobbies are needed.
One will hit the peak & reach the top of his personal life & career if he creates a Positive Attitude in all the above. Let us keep working in that direction so that we can improve our self and our Inner Power...
Inner Power

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