Monday, 30 September 2013

Restarts of life...

In my old post I asked to you all that “What will you do” if you face that situation. I got so many replies saying that it will surely happen once in all the humans’ life. We must have to give our 100% in relationship than only it will be a pure love relation I am purely agreed with all of you. Our life is like this only. We always have two sides. One side always has joy, laughter, happiness, Success, fun and other side tears, sadness and hurt. The thing about our life I feel that you always going to hurt. You are going to have emotional nights and cry yourself to sleep for hours. You will always suffer some kind of loss. But you will also have those moments where you heal. Those moments are the best. You feel like you smile for the first time again. You feel like you are alive again. And your life is just kind of restarts and its the truth of our life . So don’t be always negative, a bright side is also waiting for you, to show you the happiness and love..

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