Monday, 28 January 2013

Don't judge people...

All my friends think that I'm a very serious person. But there are few of them who know me well. Most of the people judge other according to their situation. For example we can see if an professional are doing very good work, his boss is very happy to him but at the end of the year, if he had done any mistake than all the past performance which he had done wasted. All will remember that he had done mistake but nobody remember that he has done very good work also. Another example is my one of the best friend, all thought he is poor in study, he never asked any questions in the class, always silence. But at the end of the final exam he got first rank in whole college. So don't judge people according to situation or at the first time, it has no value. A master who taught me that we must not ever judge a person immediately. There are many aspects of every human being. Every single person on the planet has a story. So don't judge people before you truly know them because may be the truth might surprise you...


  1. once I also experienced the same situation. take your own time to judge a person. Mehraji good thought

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  3. yes, vinayak u know the spirit of truth.Because truth is one of the most important ingredient of a successful leadership.Mr. mehera what u have written, its really happen in day to day life and i believe that everyone is really aware of this. so,Build your journey of discovery.

  4. Mr. mehera i really forgot to write one more line .In addition to my above comment, i would like to add a single statement on the basis of your content.see with out happen new thing, we can never learn any thing. so, in order to learn something in our life we have to apply 1 basic method/idea.That is "continuous change continuous learning".If in doubt please leave it out.

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